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AC Maintenance in Fort Myers: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Living in Fort Meyers means you’re running an AC unit almost all of the time. Unless you enjoy the heat, your unit is going to take a beating in the summer months.

This is alright: air conditioners are built to be used often. But it’s important that you take care of your equipment so that it keeps you cool and safe. AC units can pollute your home’s air if they’re not maintained.

We’re going to help you with a few tips on AC maintenance in Fort Myers in this article, giving you the tools you need to keep cool and stay safe. Let’s get started:

Tips for AC Maintenance in Fort Myers

The following tips are generally accepted to be the most effective ways to keep your system in check. Keep in mind, though, that some systems vary and newer models might be more difficult to maintain on your own.

If you have any trouble, make sure to contact a professional.

1. Change Your Air Filters

The air filter is your main line of defense against pollutants. Not only does the filter sift out the bad stuff, but it also helps your unit run efficiently.

When materials get into the system, they can clog and interfere with the normal operation of your air conditioner. This will hike up electric costs and could potentially cause serious damage to the unit.

If your system is running non-stop, you should try to clean or change your air filters around once a month.

2. Clean the Coils

Your coils are responsible for evaporating and condensing air. The process is interrupted if your coils are dusty or dirty.

Dirty coils can lead to lower cooling capacity, more energy consumption, and buildup of ice within the unit. These problems can be avoided if you check and clean your coils whenever you service your filters.

If the process is too involved, you can always contact your AC provider and ask them to instruct you or clean the unit themselves.

3. Straighten Your Fins

We all know what AC fins look like, although we may not always call them “fins.” These are the thin metal strips that serve as an entryway to the rest of the unit. People often tamper with them by bending and distorting the metal with their finger or a knife.

Ensuring that fins are straight will greatly improve airflow and efficiency. You can straighten fins with a knife or an HVAC comb.

4. Cover the Unit

When you aren’t using the unit, make sure to cover it somehow. Your provider should be able to connect you with the proper covering materials, but you can adlib this process with a tarp or some household item.

The point is to prevent dirt and debris from entering when you’re not using the machine. If things get too dirty, you may be forced to purchase a new unit altogether.

5. Unblock the Drain Pipe

Most AC units have a drain pipe that releases excess moisture from the system. This takes moisture from the air in your home so that you’re better able to feel the cool, refreshing air.

At the same time, these pipes are liable to get clogged or blocked. Ask your servicer to identify the drain pipe and give tips on unblocking it so you can check it periodically.

6. Call the Professionals

Each AC unit is a little different, and yours might require the maintenance of a professional. Be sure to check with your provider and know the proper way to maintain the machine.

This could mean that you call someone for maintenance every few months, or you might be able to do a lot of the work on your own. Either way, it’s important to know the specifics of your unit.

Need Help with Your AC Unit?

Keeping an eye on your AC unit can be tough, and sometimes damages occur. You may need to occasionally check in with a specialist in AC maintenance in Fort Myers.

If you’re interested in learning more and potentially getting a tune-up, contact us for the information you need.

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