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  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance


  • Cape Coral’s Leading Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

    You expect your business’s air conditioning to work at peak capacity. Achieving this requires routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance. Scheduling an annual maintenance inspection is important, so why not choose Cape Coral’s leading HVAC company?

    At Florida Cooling Solutions, we ensure your small commercial property’s air conditioning receives a maintenance inspection like no other. We run your HVAC system through our extensive checklist, and all problems are identified along with cost-effective solutions. We tune-up your system and boost your air conditioning to peak performance.

    Our maintenance services guarantee your business operations are paired with steady cooling year-round!

    Florida Cooling Solutions Offers Repairs for Any Cooling System!

    • Room/Window Air Conditioners
    • Evaporative Coolers
    • Heat Pumps
    • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners
    • Central Air Conditioners

    Whether you’re in need of an annual inspection or a repair, Florida Cooling Solutions has you covered!

    Each HVAC technician is thoroughly licensed, insured, drug-tested, and background-checked as per our dedication to quality service. You receive a courtesy call both before and after service to ensure convenience and satisfaction.

    Additionally, our same-day service puts your maintenance requests at top-priority. Maintenance is performed around your schedule, with your approval. Our red-carpet service means your business stays as clean as we found it. Maximize your cooling efficiency with Florida Cooling Solutions!

    Commercial HVAC maintenance is a necessity for business operations to stay productive. You never want to skip your annual inspection, as this can lead to poor performance and even malfunction. The need for maintenance may come sooner than you think, so we recommend checking for these signs in your commercial HVAC system.

    Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

    • Insufficient Cooling
    • High Energy Bill
    • Little Airflow
    • System Leakage
    • Dirty Cooling Unit
    • Constant, Chugging Noise
    • Over a Year Since the Last Maintenance

    Ready for your next commercial HVAC maintenance inspection? Give Florida Cooling Solutions a call at 239-462-6512 and schedule with Cape Coral’s leading experts!