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Did You Hear That? What Those Strange Sounds Coming From Your AC Unit Mean

The average AC unit lasts 15-20 years. As air conditioners age, the internal parts wear down.

The wear and tear on your AC aren’t always visible. But if you listen, you can hear when your AC isn’t working right.

A healthy AC unit makes a soft whirring noise from the compressor. Any AC sounds louder than that might mean it’s time for a maintenance visit. Waiting to repair your AC unit will shorten its lifespan. Routine maintenance could make your AC last another 5 years.

Are you unsure if the strange sounds coming from your AC mean trouble? Let’s take a look at what causes those noises.

What Does a Bad AC Compressor Sound Like?

The AC compressor is where warm air turns into cold air in the unit. The fan pushes the cold air into the ductwork throughout your home. If the compressor breaks, your home won’t cool down this summer.

If your AC buzzes when the power is on, turn it off immediately. Buzzing could mean there is a loose wire in the unit. Loose wires can spark a fire, so contact an AC repair company before using the AC again.

Does your AC hum when it runs? It’s a sign that the compressor motor or capacitor broke.

What Is That Strange AC Hissing Sound?

When the AC unit hisses, it means you have a leak. The worst-case scenario is it’s a coolant leak. Be careful. Exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous.

If you hear hissing, check for liquid around the unit. No matter what liquid you find, all in an AC technician to fix the leak. Better to be safe than sorry.

AC ducts with leaks also make a hissing noise. Seal the ducts to save 20% on your power bill.

Why Is the AC Unit Squealing?

The belt connects the blower in the AC unit to the motor. After a while, the belt wears out or is too brittle to work right.

A squealing noise and low airflow mean your AC has a bad belt. It’s a simple repair that doesn’t take much time. Call in an AC technician to fix the belt before it breaks.

What Is the Thumping Noise in the AC?

Any sort of rattling, clanking, or thumping could signal a big problem. The most common cause for these AC sounds is a loose part.

Over time nuts and other small parts work their way loose. The air in the condenser blows the parts around and they make a banging noise. A louder noise may mean part of the fan broke off.

Does your AC unit rattle a lot? This could mean there is something caught in the blower.

Don’t Ignore Odd AC Sounds

We often take our AC units for granted because they’re reliable. Neglect lowers the life expectancy of your air conditioner by 5 years or so.

When you hear weird AC sounds, contact an AC repair company as soon as possible. Catching the problem early will keep your trusty AC running for years.

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