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The Ultimate Annual A/C Maintenance Checklist for Sanibel Island Homeowners

a/c maintenance

In a rapidly warming world, we need our AC more than ever. That’s why a staggering 87% of American homes have air conditioning, more than double what it was a couple of decades ago.

Your air conditioning is essential, not a luxury. However, how often do you perform the necessary A/C maintenance? You wouldn’t refuse to change the oil in your car for 10 years, so why neglect your AC unit?

If you don’t perform regular home air conditioner maintenance, your AC will deteriorate. This could result in a much more expensive replacement, or having to live with AC at the height of summer.

If you want to keep your AC in good shape, follow this essential A/C maintenance checklist today. 

A/C Maintenance 101: Clean Your Filters

Perhaps the most important item on this air conditioner maintenance checklist is to clean your filters. Your AC unit will have a couple of filters and perhaps a third one for air purification. Once a month, you should clean these out. 

To do this, just take them outside and shake all of the dust and gunk free. If your filters are particularly grim, give them a rinse under a soft tap with lukewarm water. Leave them to dry for an hour, and you’re all good. 

Get Your AC Professionally Serviced Every Year

Servicing air conditioners is crucial if you want yours to last a lifetime. You should call a professional to service your AC unit once every year. They will be able to perform tests and procedures that you cannot.

An AC professional will check gas levels, test the coils, conduct thermostat tests, and more. They will ensure that your AC tune up is done to the max.

It is an affordable and quick process that will likely save you a lot of time and money further down the line. 

Keep Your AC Free from Debris 

One of the most simple and effective home air conditioning tune-up tasks you can perform is to clear your unit of debris. If you have an outdoor-facing A/C unit, you should check it on a weekly basis.

Branches, rocks, and mud frequently clog up ACs, necessitating costly repairs. Even an indoor AC must regularly be cleared of debris in order to operate effectively. To clear the unit of debris, simply open the top and with a screwdriver.

Then you can reach into the unit and scoop out any debris by hand. Make sure to wear gloves, as insects love to nest inside AC debris. 

Clean and Straighten the Fins 

The A/C fins are the little metal ridges you see on the sides of the unit. These are responsible for circulating cool air and keep the unit clear. They perform a key role in keeping your home comfortable, so they need to be treated with care. 

When performing A/C maintenance, make sure to clean them with a cleaning wipe. In addition, you should use a ruler to check for any bends or warps. If your fins are bent, they won’t work as well. You can usually straighten them out by hand.  

Learn More

If you’re concerned about your A/C maintenance, it might be time for a servicing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for all of the information you’ll need on our services and pricing. 

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  1. When performing A/C maintenance, use a cleaning wipe to wipe down the condenser coils. You should also inspect for any bends or warps with a ruler. Your fins will not work as well if they are bent. Straightening things out by hand is typically possible. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for explaining that it’s important to get your AC serviced every year. I’ve been wondering what kind of schedule we should keep to to maintain our AC. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when spring rolls around next year.