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When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner in Cape Coral?: 4 Signs You Need a New A/C

Cities across Florida are experiencing hotter than normal temperatures this summer. Experts say this record-like heat is thanks to climate change. 

So what can you do to stay cool? Make sure that your air conditioner is running in great condition. 

It gets hot in Cape Coral, so keep reading for four signs that tell you when to replace your air conditioner. 

1. Old Age

The first thing to ask when thinking about replacement is, “how long do central ac units last?” 

The typical lifespan of central air conditioners is between 12 and 15 years. And if any components of your unit are not working optimally, this can decrease the lifespan. 

If your unit is approaching old age, it’s a great time to replace it before temperatures get extremely hot. 

2. No Cold Air

Does it take your air conditioning unit longer and longer to cool down your home? Are you standing near your vents just wishing for a cold breeze?

This could be a result of clogged ductwork or piping, which is a job for the experts.  

Your unit may still be blowing out air, but if the unit can’t keep up with your desired temperature setting, it’s time to say goodbye. 

3. Less Energy Efficient

Do your energy bills keep rising? Looks at this year’s monthly bills compared to last year’s bills. If you notice a rising pattern, it means your air conditioner unit is less energy efficient. 

When your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your home cool, your energy usage and bills go up. 

When your air conditioner becomes old, it also becomes less energy efficient. Large energy bills could also be the result of having the incorrect unit size for your home. Either way, it’s time for a replacement.

4. Keeps Breaking Down

You may need central air replacement if you have the repairman on speed dial. 

Does it seem like every other month there’s something new wrong with your unit? At a certain point, you need to accept defeat and replace your unit. You’ll save in repair costs and have an air conditioner that no longer causes you stress. 

Even if your AC hasn’t broken down in a while if it breaks down and needs a costly repair, it could be time to say goodbye. Instead of putting a large amount of money into an older air conditioner, bite the bullet and upgrade now. This repair could be the first of many repairs in your air conditioner’s future. 

Beyond When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Now that you know when to replace your air conditioner, you need to know what company you should trust to do the job. 

Florida Cooling Systems is the best choice for replacing an air conditioner in southwest Florida. They approach every customer with a “100% Whatever It Takes Guarantee.” Their team has over 50 years, combined in the air conditioning business to provide you with accurate and informed service. 

Contact Florida Cooling Solutions today to receive a free quote. 

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. We offer financing, specials, and rebates, so our unit replacements are affordable for every budget. 

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  1. I appreciate you letting us know that air conditioners usually last between 12 to 15 years, so it would be wise to have them replaced soon if they’re nearing old age. The AC unit we have in our bedroom is about 10 years old now, and it hasn’t been working as efficiently as it used to anymore. I’ll have to look into where I can contact a reliable HVAC contractor I can trust with our new AC installation.