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5 Signs You May Have A Broken Heater This Winter

What’s the leading cause of fires in American homes? Faulty heating equipment.

Property owners from Alaska to Southwest Florida need to keep an eye on their heating systems. The best way to prevent a tragedy is by spotting the early signs of heater damage.

Is my heater broken? We’ve listed the easiest ways to spot a broken heater in your Lee County residence.

5 Signs Heating System is Broken

1. Your House Isn’t Warm

A broken heater won’t make your Bonita Springs home feel warm and cozy. If you find yourself turning your thermostat up higher without any warmth, there is a problem.

However, a lack of heat may be due to other problems. Check your circuit breaker and power source. If everything is in order, then you may have a broken heating system.

2. Your Heater Is Making Some Funky Sounds

Aside from a light buzz when in use, your heater isn’t something you should easily hear. Loud and unusual sounds coming from your heating system are signs that something isn’t right.

A furnace will create a clanging noise if the fan belt breaks—a boiler making rumbling noises when it overheats. Loud humming sounds come from failed fan motors. Loose screws or an off-balance motor create rattling noises.

As a rule of thumb, if you hear something odd coming from your heating system, call your local Cape Coral HVAC company for heater maintenance.

3. Your Utility Bills Are Through the Roof

Paying attention to your average utility bills can help you identify a problem with your heater.

A faulty heating system can drain power in an attempt to correct the problem. A broken heater also cannot produce adequate heat, so you have to increase the temperature on your thermostat. The higher the thermostat, the higher your monthly bill.

4. You Skipped Your Last Heating Inspection

Regular heating maintenance, especially in the fall, can prevent you from an unpleasant winter. If you can’t remember the last time your heating system was inspected, that’s a problem.

During a heater inspection, HVAC professionals make sure everything is clean and ready to go for winter. They can identify early problems and make repairs before your heater stops working. Regular inspections prolong your heater’s life and keep it running efficiently.

5. Your Heater Shuts Down Randomly

Most heaters have safety features built in to prevent a fire. When there is a technical problem, your heater may shut down as a protective measure.

Shutdowns stem from small issues like dirty pipes, filthy air filters, and clogged coils. But they can also be due to large-scale problems, like faulty wiring or a broken control board.

If you notice your heater randomly shutting off, call your Fort Myers professionals to take a look at it before winter weather sets in.

Contact Florida Cooling Solutions for Heating System Repair Service in Cape Coral, FL

Broken heating isn’t a cause for panic when Southwest Florida’s HVAC experts are just a phone call away.

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. We’re happy to assist Lee County residents and ensure everyone stays warm this winter.

Contact us to learn more about our professional services and how our team can assist you.