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A Money Saving Guide to Mini Splits and A/C Maintenance Sanibel Island

Are you spending money heating or cooling rooms you’re not even in? Wouldn’t you rather save that money for something more important?

Utilities expenses continue to climb, year after year. The average household was spending $3,885 per year on utilities as of 2015. This was a 13.5% increase from the year prior. 

It’s become vitally important to save as much money on utilities as possible by whatever means necessary. 

Saving energy is also beneficial for the environment. So you save green by helping the world go green. It’s a win-win!   

Mini-splits are an easy and practical way to save money on your monthly utility bill. Let’s take a look at how an A/C Maintenance Sanibel Island can save you money with mini-splits. 

How An A/C Maintenance Sanibel Island Can Save You Money With Mini-Splits

Let’s start off by defining our terminology, shall we? What exactly is a mini-split?

What Is A Mini-Split?

A mini-split is an outdoor cooling unit which can be connected to one or ore interior units. They can be configured as a standalone unit, to support your current HVAC system, or to cool individual rooms. They’re ductless, so they’re compact and easy to install in almost any situation. 

How Does A Mini-Split Work?

A mini-split looks similar to a conventional heating or cooling setup, but it’s actually a new, innovative system. The handling unit, which is usually mounted on the wall of the room it’s servicing, sucks up hot air. This air is carried through a series of pipes to the condenser, which is located outside. 

The condenser runs the hot air through a series of coils, which contain coolant. This turns the coolant liquid into a gas. The coolant gas is then transformed back into a liquid in another section of the compressor. The cooler air is then pumped back into the room. 

This drops the ambient temperature of the room, while using significantly less energy than a standard central HVAC system. 

Saving Money With A Mini-Split

Mini-splits can save you money in a variety of ways. If you’re installing a brand new HVAC system, a multi-split can handle the heating and cooling from one unit. You’ll also save money on having to install ductwork.

Each outdoor unit can power up to eight internal units. This gives you independent control over each room. This means you’re not paying to heat or cool rooms you’re not currently using. 

That’s not even to mention the diminished impact on the environment. What price tag can you put on peace of mind?

Mini-splits are a futuristic innovation in the world of HVAC heating and cooling. Get on board now and see for yourself how these minimal, efficient machines can slash your utility bills, while helping you sleep better at night at the same time. 

Looking For HVAC In Sanibel Island?

A reliable cooling system is incredibly important in The Sunshine State. Our summers get hot! And humid!

If you’re looking for an A/C Maintenance in Sanibel Island company that is passionate and knowledgable about HVAC, contact us today to get a free quote

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