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How to Choose the Best Cape Coral A/C Company

Did you know that in 2018, Florida had the 8th highest monthly electricity usage? Back then, the monthly consumption per customer averaged 1,123 kWh!

It’s no wonder then that Floridians also had one of the highest monthly electricity bills at $123. That’s almost $1,500 a year that goes towards electricity alone.

And if you have a faulty air conditioner, you’re likely paying even more. Keep in mind that, on average, an AC already accounts for 12% of your household energy consumption. AC malfunctions can cause it to compensate, leading to higher energy use.

That’s why you need to call a Cape Coral A/C company as soon as you experience cooling issues. The sooner you get these fixed, the sooner you can beat the city’s warm, sometimes even oppressive heat.

Ready to learn how to choose the best local AC company? Then let’s dive right into it!

Check if The Cape Coral A/C Company Specializes in the Service You Need

Some HVAC companies may only either provide repairs or new air conditioning installation. While this is fine, it’s best to choose a company that specializes in all residential AC services. They should have lengthy experience in AC repair, installation, and maintenance.

For one, this eliminates the need for multiple contact points. Imagine if you were to buy an AC from a company that only sells them. When it breaks down, you’d likely have to contact another service provider.

As you can see, it’s time-consuming and hassling. That’s why it’s best that you choose a contractor offering extensive AC services. That way, you only have to call up one contractor for any air conditioning service you’d need.

Make Certain the Company Carries Proper Licensing

In Florida, anyone who performs any job involving HVAC systems needs to carry a license. To get licensed, one needs to have at least four years of experience in HVAC work and to undergo exams.

Certification and licensure protect consumers from fraud and shoddy work. These documents prove that their bearer has what it takes to carry out HVAC jobs. It also means that they can legally perform the work you need them to do.

That’s why it’s vital that you choose only a licensed contractor to work on your home air conditioner.

Confirm that the Insurance and Bond are Up-To-Date

A licensed A/C company in Cape Coral also carries insurance and bond. Their insurance should include public liability and property damage coverage. All their employees (AC technicians) should also carry worker’s compensation.

These policies protect you if an accident happens while the techs are working on your AC. For instance, a piece of equipment accidentally drops on your hardwood floor, causing a hole in it. The AC company’s property damage coverage will compensate you for the damages.

The best AC technicians are responsible and careful. Accidents may still happen though, so it pays to make sure they have coverage.

That said, be sure you also confirm the validity of these policies! The most reliable AC contractors will provide you proof that they are up-to-date.

The Best HVAC Company Provides a Detailed, Written Estimate

Only the best AC contractors furnish their clients with detailed project estimates. They put this in writing too so that you can review it and find out where your money will go.

For example, you’ve noticed the most common signs that your AC already needs a replacement. After informing the AC company about this, they will ask you a few more questions. This allows them to gauge the reasons your AC is malfunctioning.

They will then use their expertise to determine possible part repairs and replacements. Their quote will include all these pertinent details.

Best of all, these estimates are free and non-obligatory. Meaning, they wouldn’t charge nor require you to agree after receiving the quote!

Get Your AC Repaired or Replaced Now

There you have it, your ultimate guide to finding and choosing the best Cape Coral A/C company. Follow these steps to ensure you’ll get only high-quality HVAC-related services!

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