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Myth Busters: Do AC’s Spread COVID-19?

Many myths are surrounding the spread of COVID-19! No need to worry; Florida AC units do not help spread COVID-19.

A recent study from China suggested that an AC unit may have helped spread the restaurant’s virus. But not to worry, the experts say otherwise.

Within Florida, the use of an AC unit is widespread, especially in the hotter months! Throughout residential and commercial settings, AC is used frequently. There is no need to worry this winter season; your unit will not make you sick.

COVID-19 Facts

The virus spreads when people are within close contact. An infected person can spread the virus through respiratory droplets that make it into the air. When the infected person coughs or sneezes, the respiratory droplets move into the air and can spread the virus to others nearby.

Be sure to wear a mask and keep proper hygiene!

As many restaurants and businesses are opening with proper social distancing regulations, it is important to keep yourself safe. Businesses can now operate at 25 percent capacity indoors. But as long as the AC unit is of good quality, you should not need to worry.

AC Units & COVID-19

Dr. William Schnaffner, an infectious disease expert from Vanderbilt University, says that COVID-19 transmission from AC units is “a very odd event” and unlikely to occur. As long as public places ensure people stay safe from each other, they should stay healthy.

A task force created by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) dove deeper into the matter. The task force concluded that proper ventilation and an AC unit with clean filters could help prevent the spread of the virus.

Florida AC & HVAC Tips

ASHRAE has gathered a few good tips for those with AC units. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, making sure your safe from COVID-19 is a priority. These tips can also help ensure your air quality is at its finest.

If you have a business or a unit at home, here are some great tips to ensure that your AC unit can help protect you:

  • Ensure that there are enough ventilation and open windows in public places
  • Ensure that your AC Unit has clean, up-to-date filters
  • Ensure to control clean airflow through a building
  • Ensure you are following CDC guidelines about hygiene and social distancing

Stay Safe & Healthy

The best way to avoid contracting COVID-19 is to keep yourself at a safe distance from others. Wear a mask, wash hands, and maintain good hygiene and you should not need to worry about getting sick. Do not be in close contact with others if you know they are not social distancing!

Ensure that your AC unit is clean and up-to-date. The filters need to be replaced about every 90 days, but for efficiency, replace them every 45 days. Another great way to keep a building ventilated is to ensure that a lot of outdoor is coming in constantly.

Keep your Florida AC unit working to ensure you are staying healthy. For more information about AC unit repair, installation, or maintenance, visit our blog!